Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Recent Recipe Roundup

Having some camera issues so I've only got a few recipes today. Hope you see something you wanna try!

Broccoli Bites: I don't even particularly like broccoli, but these were great! Basically cheese, chopped broccoli, bread crumbs and egg rolled into balls and baked. YUM! Jason liked them too and they were good reheated. Reminded me a lot of my mom's spinach balls that we make at Christmas. Good way to get in some veggies, especially for kids!

With our broccoli bites and corn, we had Onion Soup Chicken for dinner. This was a recipe from an actual book (crazy, I know!) and it only called for 3 ingredients: chicken, onion soup mix, and butter. Divide the chicken into however many servings you are making and place on individual foil squares (I also sprinkled the meat with poultry seasoning and s&p); place 2-3 butter pads on top of chicken and sprinkle with the dry soup mix (I made two servings and 1 pkt of soup was way too much; I would suggest at least 4-6 servings). If you have never baked meat in foil in individual servings in the oven, you should try it! The meat is always very moist from being inside the foil packet. This recipe was just okay, but I think it may be because I overloaded on the soup mix. 

Next up we have a waffle recipe. All four of us love any kind of pancakes or waffles so this was a big hit. I usually use some kind of pancake batter as a starter (like Bisquick), but this is completely homemade. They were really light and fluffy and everyone loved them.  

Another big favorite in our house is tacos. Well, really any kind of Mexican food. So I thought I would put a twist on our normal dripless tacos (tacos on chips) and try Taco Bake. Of course, we all liked it and even ate all the leftovers. I kept thinking it looks a little bland though: 

It was better once I added sour cream and banana peppers on top for a little color and flavor punch, but I'm thinking you could really have fun adding in some other ingredients. Think tomatoes, scallions, lettuce, peppers, etc. One thing I thought was great was that it added salsa con queso to the ground beef/taco seasoning mix - um, hello! Queso makes everything better. :) 

Last recipe for today was for Pumpkin Muffins with White Chocolate Chips. These were, in a word, AMAZING. It is a good thing the recipe made a lot (I made some mini loaves too) because we ate every last one of them. Usually I am looking for people to pawn extras off on, but we managed to eat all of these ourselves!  

They were so tasty in fact, that we had a thief come through right after the muffins were placed on a cooling rack:

He couldn't hide for long though, especially when his sister ratted him out. :) 

Harry managed to grab two muffins from the countertop (I didn't even know he could reach that high!) as well as graze a couple of the loaves before I found him chowing down on his stash in Eden's room. I decided to take it as a compliment (and not think about the fact he was probably just hungry or bored). :) 

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  1. Awesome!!! The muffins look so yummy!! I'm going to have to try the meat in foil idea!! Brayden did that to me with the pumpkin cupcakes I made. He even very loudly said "I got it" he was super excited he could reach too, how could I not let him run off with the cupcake. Well I shoulda taken the wrapper off right away because he ate most of it too!! Adorable!!