Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Family Fun

Here's a nice little photo collage of recent pics I have snapped of the fam. :) 

I love this shot - right before I snapped it, Eden had her hand on Harry's head. It was so sweet!

Morgan and Eden have become close friends. 

Harry in his "I think I need a nap" mode. :) 

This is how I left the fam on Sunday afternoon to go practice handbells. I wanted to stay and cuddle with them!

Harry had his first attempt at brushing his teeth on Sunday night. He did great!

We baked cookies this week and the kids were very excited about them being ready to eat!

Reading books together!

And last up, a video of Eden playing with Piper. Although it was fun watching them play, Morgan stole the show with her typical "duh" face and wagging tail. :) 

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