Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Spickle de Spackle

This is one of the most important posts I will ever make about DIY projects. Okay, that is not true. It is probably one of the most boring posts I will ever make. In fact, the only reason I am posting it at all is so that you will not lose faith in my home improvement plans, but realize I am just being very slow about proceeding.  The latest project has been spackling the dining room wall where the spray painted rubber mat used to be. We put so many holes in the wall trying to give it enough security to actually stay up there that by the time I got done patching all the holes it looked like this:

Yep, just like a kid with the chicken pox. But now I have managed to touch up the paint and we have a nice blank wall again. I have ideas for what I want to do up there and am in the process of finishing it. I will let you know when it's all done!

Just as a DIY side note, I would like to say how proud of I am of Jason. I *accidentally* stuffed our washer too full of clothes (bed linens, actually) and about 10 minutes into the cycle, that thing started bouncing around like a two year old on mountain dew. Jason ran down and stopped it, but not before it decided to knock out the spin feature. After bailing out all of the water, taking apart the entire thing, figuring out what was wrong, buying a replacement part and installing it - the washer works like new again.  He's so handy! 

Outside of that, there hasn't been much DIYing going on. Honestly, there probably won't be a ton of stuff going on between now and Christmas. Usually I would have myself a list of things to accomplish before the holidays, but with my back still giving me grief I know I won't be able to do much. The closest I will get to home projects will be decorating for Christmas, and you can bet I will post all about that! 

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