Monday, February 27, 2012

Classic Caranci Cuties

Here is a post in honor of our sweeties - just our wonderful, everyday life. :)

Eden got a new "big girl" booster seat. She loves it! She loves sitting at the table with us now, and I have to say we like it too. Seems like we can finally eat as a family now, with one in the high chair and one in a booster instead of having to trade off with the high chair.

Happy Harry - he laughs and smiles all the time. :)

Being sweet! The kids really are loving with each other - Harry is most definitely touchy-feely all the time, constantly loving on someone. Eden is sweet to him too, usually holding his hand when they are sitting close. Makes my heart swell!

I found a bowling set for them at a consignment sale for $1. Eden seemed to really like it.

She kept setting the pins up in a straight line though...I guess she gets some OCD tendencies from me, haha!

Her first attempt at rolling (more like throwing) the ball into the pins. She over-shot a bit, but got better with time. Even Piper was excited about the new toy!

This is the extent of Harry's involvement with the new bowling set. He was glad to have something new to put in his mouth. :)

My favorite shot of the day! These kids are such a blessing to us - what did we ever do without them?

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  1. aww you def need to frame that last pic - or better yet blow it up and make it a canvas! that is SO incredibly sweet!!