Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Coffee Bar and a New Desk

After getting the island assembled last week, it was time to get the hutch moved out of the dining room. We had planned to use the island as storage for the stuff currently in the hutch. After everything was moved (and some things stored that are hardly ever used), we still had room on top of the island so we decided to make a coffee bar! I love it since I have recently started drinking coffee. It has the K-Cup Brewer, K-cups, tea packets, creamer and sugar, splenda, and our mugs (hanging from another IKEA bar from my friend, Michelle).

That horrible white thing in the middle of the wall is a phone jack - we have never had a land line since we've been married so we won't be using it. I tried to take it off, but there were so many wires behind it I was too nervous to try and remove them. I have decided to buy some canvas art and just hang it right over the electric cover. I found one canvas that I like but it is small enough I will need some extra things to hang with it. I am determined not to purchase things just to fill space, but to make sure we really like what we hang in the house.

I also wanted to post a picture of the desk I assembled. It fits perfectly in the corner of the music room! I'm not sure I like how I have the shelves arranged, but I'm sure they will change frequently. In fact, they have already been changed from this.

We also need to find a desk chair. We are currently using one we just had laying around, but it mismatches so badly with everything I didn't even want to have it in the picture, haha. Some other things on the to-do list for the music room include hemming the curtains, hanging art above the fireplace (already have an idea of what I want), picking up the new chair from IKEA (I got this when I was there with my mom a few weekends ago, but it has a faulty part where the legs attach so we have to exchange it tomorrow), and finding a lamp and/or table to go with the chair.

It is so nice to see our house becoming our home!


  1. I think what you've been doing around the house is looking fantastic! And just so you're aware, you can remove the wires from the phone jack and replace it with a blank cover without fret- they aren't electrical wires so you won't get shocked. If need be, cut them from the back of the jack if they are too much of a pain to disconnect. I'm jealous of your furniture because there is no Ikea down here- another FAIL for Louisiana! LOL (along with no Dunkin Donuts or Cheesecake Factory)

    1. Thanks, Sharon! Good thing to know. :)

      And I feel you on not having an IKEA close - I don't know what I did before it was here! Yet another reason you and Jo should come closer to NC...just sayin'! ;)

  2. Looks AWESOME! i LOVE LOVE LOVE the coffee bar!! I wish I wasn't the only coffee drinker in my house - I would totally copy your idea. I'm glad I could contribute to the awesome-ness that is your house!! :O)

    Oh Shawn grabbed me some chocolate covered potato chips at TJ's and they are ridiculous! You def need to get some while you are there. I may have eaten the whole bag already. Maaaaybe!

    1. Thanks! Yes, we appreciate your helping us decorate, lol!

      Chocolate covered potato chips??? Hhmm...I will have to take a look at that! :)

  3. I *love* the coffee bar!!!! Super cute!! =D I'm glad you found a functional use for it. It was cute before with all the little knickknacks, but it's even better when it can be cute AND functional. =) The desk looks great too! I'm sure it's much nicer to have in there too.