Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 1 Off the Train

Well, after expecting some trouble re-adjusting to non-paleo food, I am happy to announce I feel the same! I had no real adjustment going into paleo and it would seem I have none coming out of it. Granted I am only a day into it, but I haven't had any rushes to the bathroom. I told myself I needed to move slowly and add things back in gradually and in their specific food groups, but then it seems all caution went to the wind (is that the saying? can't quite remember if that is right...).

I started with a teeny piece of pizza yesterday and a few ounces of juice. No problem. So dinner was good ole cheerios - one of the things I missed most was cereal. So cheerios and milk = no problem as well. This morning was a bagel and. . . wait for it. . .diet coke, praise God! It was like manna from heaven. I can feel all of my anti-soda people cringing as you read this, haha.

So on that note, let's have a little side bar: I know that not all of the things I eat/drink are healthy or healthful. But here's the thing, I am doing weight watchers which teaches balance and moderation. Although I am somewhat of an extremist in most things I have found through trial and error that when I try a diet plan that completely eliminates something I don't have near the success rate as with weight watchers that occasionally allows for things outside of the healthy realm.

I need to be successful at weight loss - I have been overweight a long time now, and for the sake of my own body (not to mention my family) I need to be a healthy weight and exercise regularly. If following weight watchers instead of another plan is going to get me there, so be it.

I have the freedom to make decisions for my life, wrong or not. I sincerely appreciate those who are interested in my well-being and give their input out of concern. However, I have decided not to continue justifying the choices I make - I'm an adult, I make my own decisions, end of discussion. My skin is thickened to take the criticism and I refuse to let it hurt my feelings anymore!

Let me say this is not in response to anything about doing paleo - in fact, I appreciate SO much the feedback and comments I have received from those following my experience. I have had nothing but encouragement from everyone! This is just in general to give myself a little kick in the pants to start being a big girl and do what I need to do, regardless of what others are doing or saying. I can only take responsibility for my own actions and just as I want others to let me be, I need to let others be.

So with all that said and off my chest, thank you for continuing to read about our wonderfully blessed life here in the Caranci house. :)


  1. Awesome and well put!! I am adopting that same mantra - I must make my own decisions, appreciate the advice of others but ultimately I need to be responsible for my own choices. What is great for one may not be for another. I wish so much I could be more like Jennie with eating habits. But I have realized that I am not, I'm not too far off but I will enjoy the occasional non-good for me stuff. And I won't feel guilty about it! Everyone is different. I am so incredibly grateful for Jennie - and will continue to be and to follow all she does - I plan on sticking to a lot of what I've learned. Thank you for being so totally honest - such a breath of fresh air! I'm so proud of us both for how far we have come!!

  2. Yes, Jennie was totally awesome to help us so much with out paleo questions! She is a special friend to me! :D

  3. Ya'll are sweet... but make no mistake- I go off the rails sometimes too! And I don't feel guilty either. :) Grateful for you both. :)