Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hungry Hungry Hiccups!

There are a few little things I have noticed since starting to eat non-paleo food...first, I am most definitely more hungry. I think it was Jennie that was telling me that it is because certain kinds of foods (i.e., gluten, grains, carbs, sugar, etc.) have a non-filling, addictive quality to them. When you eat them you initially do feel full, but it doesn't last and it leaves you craving more of those kinds of foods rather than more whole foods (veggies, fruit, protein, etc.).

Secondly, and it could be totally non-related, but I have had the hiccups...A LOT! Kinda weird, but it started the day I started eating non-paleo foods. :)

One of the things I thought I might be seeing as a result of being on paleo was that my fingers didn't seem as swollen. I didn't really know they were swollen to begin with, but once I started I could almost promise that my fingers seemed less thick. I think that must have been true now, because they feel thicker again now that I am eating non-paleo foods.

So there you have it, my reactions so far to being off of the strict whole30. Not too bad - nothing major like more joint/body pain or bad digestive reactions. So far so good!

The kiddos are feeling much better too. I snapped a couple of pics of them today, and they are so cute! Harry is chillin' out in some new jeans (oh my word, he is so adorable) and Eden has been wearing her coat since she woke up, hoping that we will get to go outside today. She says the funniest things - I will have to do a whole blog post dedicated to Eden-isms. :D

Happy weekend!

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