Friday, August 24, 2012

Extreme Randomness

Are you ready for the most random post you have ever read?

1. I love getting mail - it is like a daily present! Unless it is bills, of course. But every once in a while, I open the mailbox and find a package! Yesterday, it was a little sample from Nescafe:

Some new coffee drinks to try with a coupon if I decide I like them. They came at a fantastic time, since my current fave k-cup stash looks like this:

Oh sad day. 

2. Harry is starting to be obedient! He actually stopped doing something when I told him yesterday, as opposed to continuing what he is into and pretending I didn't say anything. I can see the light beginning to switch on for our sweet, cuddly boy. :) 

3. Things have been put in perspective for me this week. One of our neighbors (who is in good shape, young, and lives an active lifestyle) was taken to the hospital this week after an infection turned into Guillain-Barre Syndrome, causing him to lose feeling in his hands and feet, as well as the ability to walk and swallow. They have two small girls and the mom stays at home with them. I got to thinking about how much I depend on Jason...what would I do if something like that happened to him? Although our neighbor is hopeful to recover, he will need lifetime treatment to keep the symptoms under control. Makes me want to cling to my Shmoopy and make every day count. 

(this is a "par for the course" shot of Jas, I rarely get a shot of him) 

4. In case anyone is wondering, Eden is doing great with her potty training! No accidents during the day now, and making it through most nights as well. Occasionally she will have an accident overnight, but usually only if we forget to take her to the potty before we go to bed (around 10pm or so). We are very proud of her!

5. In light of our fall bucket list, I started Edie on some "schoolwork" this week:

We are not being super-regimented about it, but she is learning things about art, music, tracing shapes, counting, animals, etc. Just getting her brain juices flowing. :) 

6. Only 6 more days til Joanna comes to visit! 

We can't wait to see her! Among other things, we are planning to take her on a Labor Day weekend visit to Sunset Beach:

7. My very thoughtful hubby brought home this on Tuesday evening:

I was so excited! As a big fan of the books, I couldn't wait to see the Hunger Games movie. We saw it in the theater, but I did not remember a thing (I hardly ever remember movies, books, etc. - only whether I liked it or not). It was like a whole new experience being able to watch it again! Thanks Shmoopy!

8. I am no longer able to enter the Ramblin' Rose sprint triathlon in September. As much as my pride doesn't want to admit it, my back is not going to allow me to train for the bike part. We also received the bill from my chiropractor and we will not be doing anything fun for 10 years. Ok, maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but it was definitely a rather large bill and limits our ability to pay for the entry fee for the race (not to mention the hotel stay, food, etc.). So while I am still staying true to my exercise and diet goals, the race has been cut from the list. The plan now is to enter next year, hopefully with my mom. 

9. Another thing we knocked off the fall fun list was getting Eden a piggy bank. She helps out with things around the house (laundry, dishes, cleaning her room, etc.) and gets a "coin." She already has a few jingling around in there!

10. I will be back tomorrow with our weekly recipe round up!

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