Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Photo Dump: Crazy Caranci Kids

Get ready for a bunch of random pictures! 

I think Eden is ready for some snow - she came out of her room the other day dressed in her winter hat, gloves, and boots (which made a great ensemble with her shorts and sundress):

Hanging out in Eden's room:

Dressed and ready for a luau:

I heard a weird scraping sound from my bedroom and looked into the hall to see Harry getting a free ride on a toy bin, courtesy of his sister:

We have kept Harry's hair super short since he was born (I like a really clean look), but on a whim decided to let it grow and see what happened. I was hoping he might have inherited some curl from me, but no go - he just looked like a ragamuffin. This is as long as I could stand it:

(don't worry, he is just trying to eat his maraca)

After he got chopped (SOOOO much better!):

A sweet shot of Eden with her Daddy (and still in her winter hat):

One of our big endeavors this week has been to re-train Eden to use the potty. Although she was basically trained last year, she had a MAJOR relapse and I just didn't have the energy to keep it up til now. I did a lot of reading and prep for the big day one. Jason took Harry out for the day and Eden and I had a mommy/daughter date at home with the toilet. Sounds kinda bad, but we had a wonderful time. It was so nice to dedicate a whole day to her - no computer, phone, or any other distractions. In case anyone is interested, I implemented a lot of the strategies from here. Here is my prep pile:

Prizes, yummy food (to make her drink more and have to go more often), stickers, a new big girl cup, new blocks and a new pad for drawing. We had a great time playing together! She did awesome - no accidents the first day. Frankly I expected that though, since I was taking her every 15-20 minutes.  Day two had a few more accidents, but I tried to leave her on her own a bit more. I think her two best accomplishments in the last 4 days have been staying dry during all of her naps (not quite overnight yet though) and staying dry while she was at church for 2.5 hours (in a new environment and distracted by toys and friends). I am really proud of her - she is one smart cookie. :) 

One of her prizes, a new ballerina skirt (notice her toe point):

Another prize, her favorite - a new baby. She named her Maddie:

Harrison's latest trend has been climbing into anything he can. Here are some shots I managed to snatch:

(Eden managed to sneak in on this one)

The kids love hanging out in their chairs to watch movies - caught this shot this morning. I love how they looked so relaxed and almost sleepy. :) 

One last random shot of Harry:

Hope you enjoyed the show! :) 


  1. LOL! Maybe she is just trying to tell you to turn down the air conditioning?

  2. Awww! Love the photos of these crazy kiddos!