Thursday, August 30, 2012

Picture Dump of the Caranci Family

Jason's dad (Poppie) comes over for dinner on Sunday nights. Harry had some great playing time:

Daddy mowed the lawn, giving Eden the perfect chance to relax with the pups:

Eden working on her schoolwork:

We are headed to the beach this weekend and the kids have been a big help packing. Here Harry kindly stacked Jason's shoes for him (along with Eden's cup):

Eden made sure all of the hats were in the beach bag:

We even got matching pedicures:

The pups are enjoying a *little* bit cooler temps outside:

Harry got in trouble and got scalped this week:

(totally kidding, I accidentally starting giving him a haircut without the guard on the razor = bald Harry)

Eden was eating pretzels and after taking a bite of one, told me it was a "w" :

We spent some time over at Grammy and Grumps' house this week:

And to finish things off, a video of the kids being their normal selves. :) Please ignore the disaster that is Eden's room (including the food that is all over the floor, the dogs hadn't had time to vacuum yet):

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  1. Harry, dude! What did I tell you about hiding the hair trimmer so mom can't find it? Ah man, now I've got to send you a bandana and a gold loop earring so you look tougher than cute.