Saturday, August 25, 2012

Weekly Recipe Roundup

First recipe this week was for Resurrection Buns. They are called that because they can be used as an object lesson for kids about how Christ went into the grave but then was gone when they rolled away the rock (when you bake the buns there are marshmallows in them, but after baking they disappear). This is what my lovely rolls looked like going into the oven:

Unfortunately, it would appear that I did not seal the edges very well, because this is what they looked like coming out:

A big marshmallow explosion. These things were so sticky they almost weren't worth handling. I forgot how marshmallows get SUPER sticky when heated. Took me forever to clean the pan! The taste was good so I really think these would be great if I had sealed the sides better. Interesting trial though. :) 

Next up is a cauliflower pizza. I had such good luck with the cauliflower breadsticks I though this would be roughly the same. Turns out, it was gross. I couldn't even eat it. I'm not sure what happened, but I think maybe the cauliflower had been in my fridge too long. It smelled almost vinegar-y. It was also very moist (I didn't have a tea towel to wring out the riced cauliflower with, so I think that made a big difference in the crust not crisping). I also have major issues with parchment paper - someone please tell me how to use it! Every time I do, it burns in the oven and sends smoke through the house. And everything sticks to it - even rubbed with oil or sprayed with Pam. Ugh. Recipe trial #2 = FAIL. 

Last up was a recipe for Strawberry Oatmeal Bars (the recipe called for raspberry jam, but I only had strawberry).  These were easy and delicious. Not very sweet, so definitely more of a breakfast item than a dessert. 

(before heading into the oven)

Not a horrible week, but more "bad" than "good." :) 

Next week will hopefully include Chicken Roll Ups, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites, and Ranch Chicken. :D


  1. You're not using wax paper are you? That always burns worse for me. And cutting off the exposed excess will help too.

  2. What Megan said. ;-) You have to cut the excess off to keep it from burning. I burned a batch of cookies that way once. I've never really had a problem with things sticking to parchment paper... It could be the brand you're using too, though.

    I love the marshmallow explosion, by the way. Hilarious!! =)