Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

I was sitting here today talking with Eden, and I realized that she and Harry do some of the cutest things on a day to day basis. Here are some of the most recent, in no particular order:

1. Eden uses the word "not" in place of "don't." When I ask her something her answer is often "I not know." She can say "don't", and we even practice it, but then she rushes through her words and says "not" again. Something she will grow out of, but is so cute. She has also started saying "probably" so now we get a lot of "I probably not know." :)

2. Harry is CRAWLING! All of a sudden last Friday he decided he was going to stop sitting around and just move. Now he is all over the place and our gate is back up at the stairs. And he is into everything. Oh happy day. :)

3. Eden loves to wear dresses now and whenever she puts one on, she spins in place with her arms up and sings "ballerina" over and over while twirling. SO cute and girly, very unlike her mother.

4. Eden asks me "what are you doing?" about 500 times a day.

5. Harry has said his first word: uh-oh. He also says "good job." :)

6. Eden loves to help us - whether doing dishes, working with the drill, cleaning, baking - the girl wants to be involved. She loves to be our little helper!

7. Harry will eat ANYthing. Seriously. He ate dog food this morning.

8. Thanks to her cousins' help, Eden can now go up and down the stairs by herself. Getting to be such a big girl!

9. Harry has the sweetest smile I have ever seen. He laughs and grins at everything, and I think I would give him anything when he flashes those dimples. He loves to laugh, just like Eden, and when they start laughing together it threatens to be my undoing - it is a precious sound.

10. Both Harry and Eden genuinely seem to love each other. Eden can't stand for Harry to cry and even offers her favorite toys when he is upset. Harry has to be right next to Eden as much as possible, and if they are watching TV together he climbs all over her just so he can be close to her. She doesn't seem to mind it, either.

It is amazing the joy that these kids bring to us - their love for each other is so sweet to watch. God has truly blessed us! If my body could handle it, I'm afraid I might be tempted to have 10. :D


  1. Since Eden is so girly and doesn't get it from you, then the VERY obvious conclusion is she gets it from Jason! :) I love your blogs and keeping up with the fam this way- #7 especially made me laugh (ask Joanna). lol You're all missed more than words can express and its so sweet how sweet your sweet family so sweetly is. xoxo