Sunday, April 1, 2012


I think we are all finally recovered from "the sickness" and well on our way to our normal routine, praise the Lord! Last week was definitely a rough one, but it was greatly sweetened by the time we were able to spend with Jason's sister and her family. Pics to come of all the fun we were able to have amidst the vomiting, haha. :)

Just to catch up, there have been some things here and there that have gone up in the house so I thought I would do a quick run-through. First up, I wanted to find something for Harry's bedroom door, since we had a little something on Eden's door (check out previous posts). This is what I found at Hobby Lobby that fit the bill:

They had these letters with a sort-of old fashioned athletic type font which I thought would be cute for a little boy. Of course, the "H" was my least favorite color, but it's not like I could change his name (or would want to, for that matter)! :)

Next up, my wonderful father-in-law saved us some moolah by installing new light fixtures in the bathrooms for us (we had an estimate done and he saved us $50 by doing it for us! Thanks Pop!). This is the kids' bathroom with the new light:

So much better than the horrible gold one that was there before (sorry I didn't think to take before pics)!

Next up, I wanted to personalize the kitchen a bit, so up went a picture of my favorite kitchen helper, Eden. This is a picture we snapped last year, either at Thanksgiving or Christmas when she was helping me make apple pies. She loved shaking the spices!

I have another picture to go in our kitchen, one that I snapped a few years ago of Grammy baking in her own kitchen. I love it - it is a perfect shot of her - and I love the idea of making our kitchen more home-y with personal photos. The catch is that I have to find it - somehow it got misplaced in the move and I have yet to see it here in the new house.

Next up, above the coffee bar. Some of you noticed the huge emptiness on the wall above the island, and I had been scouting the perfect thing to go there. I found this at and thought it was perfect!

Last, my favorite new thing: I found this idea on pinterest and thought it was so sweet and sentimental. Those of you who know me know that sentimental is not usually a word I would use to describe myself, but when it comes to the kiddos I'm a little mushy. I hung this in the hallway coming out towards the music room:

Sorry that the upper corner is a little bit cut off, but you get the idea. I ordered the writing part from an online place called, and was very happy with it. Easy to apply and looks totally painted on. The frames and clocks are from Target (all very inexpensive). I didn't realize that the kids' births were so close in hour (although one in the morning and one in the evening) until I set the clocks but that made it interesting. I liked the idea of doing something just for them on the hallway wall since it leads to their rooms.

And those are the tidbits that happened in the last few weeks! There are more that are coming up, and of course I will post those too. Sorry for the long lull in posts over the last two weeks, it has been somewhat of a doozy. :)


  1. The house looks great Anna! Thanks for sharing , now we just need to visit to see it all in person :) glad to hear everyone is on the mend, we've been praying! I wish I could have been there with y'all but I'm looking forward to seeing all the pics and maybe thus Christmas we'll all be together - I hope!!

    1. We would love for you to visit ANY time! Thank you for your prayers, God was gracious. We talked some about Christmas with Jen and Scott and I'm thinking it is all going to work out nicely! Will talk to you about it soon. :)