Friday, April 6, 2012

A Visit with the Adamsons

Be prepared for picture overload! We made sure to document our long-anticipated visit with Jason's sister and her family. It had been over four years since we had been together! Jen is married to Scott, and they have 4 kids: Will (8), Jamie (6), and Aaron and Gracie (4 year old twins).

After being in the car ALL day, Jen's kids were most definitely ready for some play time. Eden's room was a big hit, and here they are after first arriving in NC:

As you can see, Eden wasn't quite sure what to make of these cousins who invaded her room:

But it didn't take long for that to wear off - soon they were all playing together as if they always had. Here they are all playing the first night (minus Harry, who had to go to bed) with Jason:

The dogs were thrilled that we had company, as they got more attention than ever from the new little people in the house:

In no particular order, here are some of my favorite shots from the week:

(I was SO glad to have Jason home for a whole week!)

I'm not sure what Scott was showing them on his phone, but Will, Jamie and Harry thought it was hilarious!

Eden having a blast at the park in the tunnel. :)

Harry seemed to enjoy himself too. Check out all the attention he got!

(with cousin Aaron)

(with cousin Gracie)

(with Uncle Scott)

(with Auntie Jen)

Although we were struck with a stomach virus (ended up getting 8 out of 11 of us, including Jason's dad), we had such a good time visiting together. We had all sorts of plans like the zoo but ended up mostly hanging around the house, with the occasional visit to a park or playground. All of the kids love to be outside, so it was a hit with them.

Here is Aaron after climbing the wall:

Grace found a few new friends and they sat around to chat:

Handsome Harry had fun with his foot:

Will and Jason (we think they favor each other):

Jamie braving the climbing wall:

Eden went down this slide about 500 times:

The boys being silly (Will carrying Aaron, and Jamie doing a nice upside-down trick):

The kids played hard during the day, and at night when they were all tucked in, the adults got on their domino game:

This was the last picture we took on the last night, all of the kids (minus Harry who was in bed and Gracie who was resting after her round with the stomach bug):

All in all it was a wonderful week! We loved having the kids together and being able to visit with our family. Can't wait for Christmas when we get to do it all over again!


  1. Thank you for sharing all these awesome photos!! I'm so bummed Jo and I weren't able to visit too but hopefully someday in the future. Its great seeing all the kids together! I love them all so very much.

    1. We wish you could have made it too! Would have made for an even more fun week. One day we will all be able to work out getting together at the same time! What a party that will be, lol. :)