Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A New Take on an Old Fan

So if you have been reading my blog, you know that I hate gold. Well, not gold itself, but the gold fixtures and hardware from our house. I have been slowly removing all traces of it in hopes of one day eliminating all of it! It is taking a while because every time I get one gold thing changed I find a new gold thing I didn't even realize was there. This week I was able to get rid of a big one - the fan in our music room. This is how it looked before (sorry for the strange angle):

And after:

Cue the angels singing! Holy cow, this is an upgrade. I absolutely LOVE the way this turned out. My original plan was to just frost the existing globes in an effort to save money, but then I spotted these white frosted ones for $5.98 at Lowes and couldn't resist. I think they make the whole thing! Took it from dated to modern. The gold parts were just spray painted with my trusty ORB (oil rubbed bronze) Rustoleum spray paint. Although our entire music room is gray, black, and white, the ORB blends because it is so dark and the other hardware in the room (on the doors and such) is also ORB. So far, one of my favorite makeovers in our house!


  1. You do such awesome upgrades, you should come jazz up my house. It's very plain. I am terrible at color selecting and decorating! I NEED HELP!!!

    1. Honestly, I have figured out it is trial and error. Lots of times I think I know exactly what I want and then when I see it done it looks horrible! I've also really tried to pick things I like, not just what looks good to other people. Makes it more home-y that way. :) I'm sure you could do better than you think, but I would be happy to help you any way I could!