Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Many Dresses of Eden Rose

Since I forgot to snap a picture of Eden in her Easter dress from Pop and Bossi, we decided to have a little photo shoot this morning. We ended up trying on all of the dresses in her closet that fit! First up is a little brown and pink dress my mom bought her last year:

Really playing up the posing:

Here is her actual Easter dress, sans sweater.

Since it was a little chilly, she wore her pink sweater part of the time.

Next up, a lovely white frock, with a very serious, head-down pose:

Next up, two blue dresses to bring out her blue eyes. The one to the left is a dress that was made in Africa and brought back by my best friend, Shawna. To the right is a cute little number I picked up at a consignment sale.

Lastly, another consignment find. Rather artsy-looking. Add in her toe point and it is simply priceless:

And there you have it - our sweet little Eden modeling her heart out for you fine folks. Hope you enjoyed the shots!


  1. Clara had one exactly like the last dress when she was little. I have pics of her in it. They're all so cute!!!

    1. It is probably hers, since I bought it at our MOPS sale! :D

  2. Such a pretty little girl. =) Looks like you've got a little model on your hands! Love the toe point in the last shot.