Monday, April 2, 2012

Master Bedroom and Bathroom Reveal

I am finally getting around to posting the after shots of our bedroom! To start, here's a picture of the bathroom before:

And after:

I was too excited to get the shower curtain up to bother with ironing it, or at least running it through the dryer, so please ignore all of the wrinkles. I found it at and liked it because it had flowers but wasn't too sissy. I am normally not a fan of over-the-toilet cabinets because I think they look a little too country, but I found this one at Bed, Bath and Beyond and thought it was nice and would help with our storage needs. It looks black in the picture, but it is actually dark brown, matching our towels. If you look closely you can find Clive. :)

I took this one after my father-in-law put the new light fixture in:

This one shows the clock I (finally) found at Lowes to match our decor. I looked in lots of places but couldn't find what I wanted and when I happened into Lowes for some nails I found this for next to nothing. I also have big plans for the builder's grade mirror, with an idea I got from pinterest. Hoping to tackle that this week and will show pics of the final product.

Next up is the bedroom. Here are some before shots:

And after:

(I know it looks weird to have this plant here, but I LOVE this plant and wanted it in our room. Plus, I liked how it reflected in the mirror too)

Window shot (we are planning to buy some blinds or shades for more privacy to go behind the bamboo panels):

After taking all of the after shots, I decided to hand this leaf art above the bed and snapped a shot:

Still a work in progress, but the concept is taking form. I definitely need to get some kind of bedskirt or longer comforter in order to make the sides of the bed look better. Any thoughts or suggestions? The bed looks really lumpy, I know, but we got a down comforter from IKEA that is so amazingly fluffy and comfortable that I just can't give it up. It definitely needs some throw pillows or something to make it look less slouchy though...any ideas would be great!

Although the original color we picked out turned much darker on the walls, I have to say I really like it. It is a very inviting room, almost like a study or library, which has always been a cozy environment to me. All in all I am happy with the change and excited to perfect it as we go along. :)


  1. i love love love it!! that color is so nice!! i want to do really dark like that in our master too and it's good to see something similar to my vision came out looking so fabulous!

  2. Thanks, Michelle! We are really liking it. :)

  3. LOTS and LOTS of pillows! :) And - way to go on the redesigns. Your makeovers have been fantastic!

    1. Thanks! And I think I am digging the pillow idea...