Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Visit with Meme and Pepe

After our great visit with Jason's sister and her family, we were very excited to spend a few days with Meme and Pepe (Jason's mom and her husband Jim) next! We rarely get to see Jason's side of the family so the last couple of months has been a treat for us. While they were here we took walks, ate great food, played with the kids, and got a little dirt on our hands in our yard (more on that later).

One day for lunch we headed to Lexington, the home of NC bbq. We made a stop at the candy store first, and while the adults were checking out another store on Main Street I took the kids to play in a little grassy area with a gazebo and have a little snack.

Eden dancing in the gazebo:

Harry's foot holding pose (this is coming to be one of his favorites):

My grandparents (Grammy and Grumps) were able to join us for lunch. Here is the whole gang, candy bags and all:

Harry and I even got a little mommy/son time while the others were out at the store one morning - it was nice to have him one-on-one! (Eden and I have a date scheduled this Friday morning for her 1st real haircut, post to come!).

Jim and Millie both have exceptional green thumbs, and since mine is black I asked for their help while they were here with some landscaping ideas. We decided that low maintenance would be best for right now and starting slow is a good idea. The end result was a hydrangea in the back yard:

And two maple trees in the front:

I LOVE them!!!! I am so excited to have something in the yard so it doesn't look so sterile. I have a plan in the works for some pots or planters for the porch, and a nice glider for us oldies (Jason and me) to sit and watch the kiddos play outside. A big THANKS to Meme and Pepe for all of their help in getting us started!

We had a wonderful time of fellowship over the time they were here! It was nice and calm and the kids loved it. It was the first time Harry got to meet them and Eden took advantage of their willingness to read and walk with her. We are blessed with a wonderful family on both sides. :)

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