Friday, January 13, 2012

And this is where it gets bad...

The cravings have hit. Not super hard, but they are definitely more persistent than before. And I think I might know why - it might sound crazy, but hear me out first. I have had digestive issues for a long time now (one of the main reasons I am doing the whole30, to clear everything out and see exactly what bothers me). Usually what would happen is as soon as I would up my intake of produce my tummy would rebel and send me running to the bathroom where I would think I would surely die. I was so sure that the first few days of the whole30 would be just like this, because I was going to be eating a LOT of fruits and veggies. Strangely, it didn't really happen that way - I definitely had some adjusting, but nothing anywhere close to what I normally would have. So I was feeling good!

Then today...WHAM! My stomach decides to hit that rebellion again and I have felt super crummy. The bathroom has been my room of choice today. So this is where it ties in to why I think I am craving stuff today - before whole30, anything with carbs (mostly breads or potato items) helped to sooth my stomach when I would have one of these digestive attack things. Not to mention, I almost always wanted a coke, because that is just what I used to drink when my stomach was upset. So today, I am REALLY wanting some kind (ANY kind!) of bread with a diet coke. I feel sure it is because I just feel so bad, but it still is hard.

Today my meals have been less than exciting, since my tummy is upset - so far a banana, couple pieces of deli meat, and some eggs. I really don't feel like eating, so I'm not going to. Been chugging the water though - I have been WAY thirsty.

Last night at our girls night we had a great time playing games and hanging out. The food all looked yummy, but again it wasn't too hard to resist, especially since we had smoothies. One very important part of my whole30 journey that I haven't mentioned yet is my whole30 partner, Michelle. LOVE HER! She is a dear friend, introduced to me by a mutual friend, and we decided to take this adventure together. She has been an awesome encouragement to me and I am SO thankful to have someone going through the same thing I am at the same time. She was here last night and made us the smoothies with fruit and coconut milk (they were delicious!). Very filling and I didn't have too hard of a time turning down the other yummy goodies on the table.

Hoping I feel better by tonight, when Jason and I are planning to have steaks for Shmoopy night. That's right - Shmoopy night. That is when Jason and I get to hang out together - we don't invite people over, we just eat dinner together and maybe watch a movie or some TV - just be home together. My favorite night of the week! <3


  1. You're doing so great! Go, Anna!! I'm gonna have to make up a cheer for you or something. My guess is that you're healing your digestive system and today is just clearing out the gunk that was in there. You're gonna feel better soon. Have a fun Shmoopy night!

  2. Aw, I'm sorry you're feeling bad!!! But I'm proud that you're staying strong and resisting those cravings. I know it can be hard. I hope you feel much better by the time Jas gets home for Shmoopy night! =)

  3. Aww you are so incredibly cute - I'm so incredibly happy that we are friends!! Shmoopy night - I love! Keep thinking about that and these cravings will soon kick the bucket! You are rocking this - don't forget that. I hate to hear about your tummy, I know how incredibly horrible days like that can be, I've had plenty myself. I def agree with Megan that your body is just rejecting all that gunk prior to Sunday. All this good stuff you've eaten is finally pushing it out. Now I'm just wondering how soon my gut-clearing day is to happening. Eek. And exciting at the same time. Once it's all gone we will feel so amazing!!!

  4. Thank you everyone for your encouragement! I needed it today. Thank goodness, I am feeling better and not having such bad cravings. I made some guacamole today and that helped, haha!