Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 21 and Family Time

Nothing super exciting to report on the paleo side of things, but we had a good dinner last night of steak, green beans, and sweet potatoes. Today I had a salad for breakfast, leftover meatloaf and green beans for lunch, and dinner is probably going to be eggs and turkey meatballs.

In other and more exciting news, we had a great family day today. We were super busy with painting and little projects through the house, but the kids had some fun too. Here is Eden with her baby - I asked her what she was doing and she said taking a walk and singing to her baby. :)

Harry was in his bouncy a lot of the day because he LOVES it - here he is with his head leaning against the's almost naptime. :)

Even the pups found some down time.

Although Harry seems to be better with his cough, Eden is doing a little worse. We are continuing treatments with the nebulizer and I'm hoping that all this sickness will leave our house soon! Thankfully Jason hasn't had much trouble with it and mine was minimal. Harry is on the mend too, so we should be closing in on it.

All in all, a nice day at home with everyone. Got a lot of stuff done in the house too, but nothing enough to post. Maybe on Monday... :D

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