Thursday, January 12, 2012

Catching Up

I need to catch up on posts! So I am going to take you through the last day and a half of meals. I'm going to work backwards, so try to keep up!

This is the delicious dinner that Jennie (my paleo inspiration) made for me last night: roast with a coffee bean rub, roasted brussels sprouts, and a yummy salad with avocado, tomato, spinach and balsamic vinegar. We had a great chat and she answered more of my paleo questions - love her! She has been a great help to me on this venture.

Before I went to Jennie's I got a little package - BEEF! Yippee! The grass-fed beef we ordered from was delivered and here is all the loot.

This was my lunch - tomato slices with balsamic vinegar, sauteed zucchini and onions, and pan fried chicken in almond meal. The chicken didn't turn out so great, but it was alright.

The night before that (Day 3) Jason and I had baked salmon with roasted white sweet potatoes. Looks pretty bland, but I thought it was tasty. Jason, not so much. :)

This was my afternoon snack from Day 3, some blueberries and pecans.

And that brings us current! I am eating this HUMONGOUS salad for lunch today. Had eggs for breakfast and am planning on munching for dinner since some of my girlfriends are getting together for a game night. Smoothies, veggies and guacamole, and fruit are all on the menu!

Just as a side note, I am still feeling pretty good. Not having any cravings I can't overcome, and no major withdrawal symptoms. Day 5 is feeling good so far!


  1. Wow! Okay, so I looked at that website for the beef. Don't know if you know a trick I don't, but that is a whole lot of moolah for beef! I know it's grass fed, but holy COW! Do they pack it in gold?

  2. Yes, it is very expensive. I had a certificate (paid $2 for a $25 certificate), but it was still a little pricey. It's like you said - grass-fed = a lotta moolah!