Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 12

This is what I now have to look forward to today:

I went on a cooking rampage this morning, and left my sink full of dirty dishes to tackle...later. :)

The first on my cooking list was a new recipe, paleo bread. This is what it looked like after baking it:
Still looks uncooked, right? I thought so too. But trust me, it is baked through! Overall I think this was a good recipe - super easy, and the bread is certainly edible, unlike the pancakes I made the other day. It has a nice, super-dense texture, but I think a little bit of coconut oil on top would make the difference - GOTTA get some of that stuff!

Next up was turkey meatballs - same ones I made last time, but I switched the seasonings up a bit. I thought they were better this time - not as dry (I didn't cook them quite as long) and the flavor was better since I just dumped in a bunch of stuff instead of following the recipe so closely.

(oh, and I'm not sure why they leak like that when they are baked, but that gooey stuff underneath them stays on the pan when you take the meatballs off)

Last was some roasted butternut squash - I have made mashed before, but never tried roasting it. The verdict? YUM! Really like it this way - although I wish I could get it to be a little crispier on the edges. Maybe not so much oil and longer cook time?

Here is my supply of goodies, all ready to go!

So my lunch was a meatball, small piece of bread, and some of the yummy squash. I am still not feeling very hungry, so this was plenty.

Tonight I will probably just munch on things I have ready, or maybe make another salad like I had last night: greens, avocado, olives, grilled chicken, onions, and mustard/balsamic dressing (it was delicious!). Jason is working late, so I can fend for myself. :)

Still feeling good, not as hungry and certainly more comfortable overall with the plan. I am enjoying the cooking, not so much the dishes. But here's to 12 days down, 18 to go!


  1. Anna,
    I have really enjoyed following your paleo journey. I hope the next 18 days will be a smooth road for you. Have a great evening!

  2. Looks like the goo under your meatballs is just the fat rendering out as it cooks. Also, a nice way to get crisper roasted veggies is to boil them until they're almost soft enough, then roast at a higher temp.

  3. Thanks, Val!

    Megan, thank you for the tips - I will try that next time!