Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 8 - Day 9

Yesterday ended with a bang - the meatloaf was great! Last night's dinner was the best paleo meal we have had so far - I did the meatloaf, roasted some white sweet potatoes again, and tried some roasted brussels sprouts - YUM! It was so good I am eating again for lunch today.

There were a few tweaks I would make next time, one being to mix the meatloaf better. The grass-fed ground beef I used was a little more difficult to mix, so I need to mix in the other ingredients better next time to make sure the other flavors go throughout the whole pan. The other thing I would do different is not over-salt my brussels sprouts! I went to the store to buy sea salt and didn't realize it was sea salt that needed to be ground until after I dumped half of it on the veggies. Oops! They were definitely a *little* salty. :)

I didn't really eat lunch yesterday, just kinda nibbled on nuts and fruit and veggies. I wanted to have lots of room for supper! Today, so far, I have had eggs and grapes for breakfast and a repeat of last night for lunch. Dinner will be a roast in the crockpot, served with carrots and onions. I might add a salad too. Jason gets a potato with his, of course. :)

Overall, still doing pretty good. Tummy is in and out with it's issues. It has been really interesting to me that I haven't struggled more with cravings - don't get me wrong, there have been a few times where it was difficult, but in general it has almost been...well...easy. I think one of the biggest components of that is that I know this is for 30 days - it is short term. I can do anything for 30 days! Not that I plan on going crazy once I am done, in fact I feel sure I will continue to do many of the things from paleo I have learned...but somehow, just knowing that in 30 days I can have pizza if I want it, or something sweet helps to keep me right on track.

One thing I am disappointed in is that I still haven't seen a difference in how I feel. My paleo partner, Michelle, has already seen a difference in her daily headaches. Me? Zilch. I feel the same as I did before starting. I know I am only a little way into it, but still...I guess I thought going from consuming massive amounts of sugar and carbs to NONE would make a huge difference in how I felt. Not so least not yet. But I do still have 20 days to go! :D


  1. yay for an awesome Paleo meal!! i'm so glad your meatloaf turned out good, i was waiting to hear how that went. it's on my menu for tomorrow night! what recipe did you use? i was going to try the one in the Everyday Paleo book. Don't sweat feeling better - it will come! it's still early when you think about it. You are doing so much better than me with the cravings. I admire you for saying it's easy - I don't feel quite that way! but im' getting there. :O)

    we are a third of the way done with our goal!! yay us!

    Yay Harry for almost crawling!! You have 2 of the cutest kids I've seen!!!

  2. The last two weeks are THE BEST!!!


  3. Michelle, I used the meatloaf recipe from Jennie's website, but it may have been a link to someone else's, I don't remember! I do too much paleo hunting, haha! And yes, hip hip hooray for us getting this far! I am so proud of how we BOTH have done. :) And I would say that between us, there are 3 pretty cute kiddos running around! :)

    Thanks Jennie! I can't wait!!!