Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 14

Just to catch up on yesterday before today's food, my good friend Megan brought me some goodies! First up, this little jar of coconut oil:

I have been wanting to get some since I started my whole30 and just never gotten around to it. This way I can try it before buying (it is kinda expensive). Have I mentioned that Megan is super thoughtful? :)

She also brought me curtains for Harry's room - I have had them for a while but needed a few alterations done - she is much more talented than I am and delivered splendidly! So excited for him to have curtains, it makes his room look so much more cozy! I would have taken a before shot, but I was too excited to get them hung up and forgot.

(Eden was climbing the step ladder while I was taking pictures - she is a natural monkey)

Then last night we were off to Leblon - it was SO good! We had such a good time with our friends, Jennie and Dustin. There were lots of laughs and we enjoyed the time and food immensely!

(does anyone else notice how blaringly white all of us are, except for Dustin?)

Today has been kinda boring, but I had eggs for breakfast with a couple of turkey meatballs. I wasn't hungry at lunch, but had a couple of pieces of turkey with mustard and some pineapple at about 3pm. Dinner was my guac mash (guacamole with grilled chicken added in), which I invented last Saturday when the pancakes were a flop and have had several times since then because it was so good! I finally remembered to snap a picture:

Still feeling the same, but excited about the next week. I have heard that week 3 is when you start to feel awesome! :) 14 days down, 16 to go!


  1. SERIOUSLY on the whiteness comment... I always look even whiter than I normally am when I'm beside him!

    We had so much fun!!!

  2. Haha-- wasn't it always that way with Dustin?? Lol. Good for you for making it this far! That "guacmash" looks delish-- I'm a sucker for almost anything avocado. :)

    1. I'm such a dork, I just realized I could reply to specific comments. :/ Anywho, yes, it was always that way with Dustin - even with a tan I looked like a vampire next to him. :) And yes, you should absolutely try the guac with sauteed chicken and onions, it is wonderful!

  3. I'm glad you got someone to fix the curtains for you!! They look great! Sorry I couldn't/didn't help you out while I was there.