Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 19

Today has not been a good day. Not because of paleo, but just in general has been a really crummy day. Harry had his 9 month check up, so while he was there we had the doctor look at all of the cold-like symptoms he has been having (as well as Eden and me). Turns out we all have a respiratory virus called RSV. Nothing serious, but in kids it can be a little more stressful than adults. We just have flu-like symptoms (oh-so-fun) but the kids have a horrible sounding, deep cough, with wheezing. They gave us a little machine to do breathing treatments with the kids, so I'm hoping that all will be cleared up soon.

His regular appointment went well too, he weighed in at a whopping (almost) 17 pounds (in the 4th percentile) and his length/height was in the 60th percentile. So basically he is long and skinny. :)

Since I am suffering at home, not feeling great, all I have eaten today is eggs for breakfast and a handful of grapes at lunchtime. I am undecided for dinner...maybe nothing. Just not that hungry, probably because we have all been so sick. I think I will probably just go to bed.

To leave you on a happy note, we had a visit from Miss Hollywood. She is just so stylish! :D

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  1. Oh no!! That is super stinky. =( I hope all of you getting to feeling better soon!

    Love little Miss Hollywood. She's just too cute!