Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Turpentine and Crawling Babies

The biggest news from yesterday was that we finally saw Harry begin to try to crawl! I even caught in on camera! Here is our boy in action:

He tried twice before giving up and just sitting again, but hey - anything is great! He has been a lot more content to just hang out than Eden was - she was walking by 10 months, and with Harry being 9 months now and just sitting up on his own...well, let's just say he's a chill kind of baby. :)

Of course, Eden would not be outdone by Harry's antics, so she asked me to take pictures of her crawling too. :)

The next project of the day was not near as exciting: painting the master bedroom. Or at least getting started. I have lots of projects to do, and really I should probably be painting Eden's dresser first...but I just couldn't wait to get the gorgeous color we finally decided on for our room on the walls! Of course, I couldn't get started until I made a serious mess on the floor first, by spilling paint all over it:

Enter: the turpentine. Our room smelled HORRIBLE for the rest of the day and still had a faint odor this morning, and it didn't even help that much. The picture above was taken after about an hour of scrubbing/trying every method I knew to get it out. Oh well, we want new carpet anyway! I am just trying to make that happen sooner rather than later by ruining all the current carpeting (if you think this spot is bad, you should see the one I left downstairs, eek!).

I only managed to get one wall of edging done, but it is a start. I will have to have help moving the furniture from Jason until I get much of anywhere anyway. But at least I can imagine the finished project now! Can't wait to see the room done.

I'm telling you, the excitement we have around here is great! :D

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  1. Woohoo, go Harry!! I can't believe he's been so chill about crawling! It's interesting to see how different he is from Eden. :)

    Love the paint on the floor, lol! Sounds like something I would do!